InterConnect 2016

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Sunday, February 21

Monday, February 22

Tuesday, February 23

  • Medical Minecraft (Lab) @ 10:00am, Session # TWT-7369 / MGM Grand-Room 302
    • Presenter: Srinivas Cheemalapati, IBM Cloud Advisor
  • Create a Scanning Application for Smartphones that Provides Contextual Information on Consumer Goods @ 12:00pm, Session # CCD-6874  /  EXPO – dev@
    • Presenter: Patrick Sard, IBM Cloud Advisor
  • Transforming for Rapid Innovation: The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Story (Inner Circle)@ 2:30pm, Session # CLD-6371  /  Oceanside D 2
    • Presenters: Guy Sharon & Alastair Prior, IBM Cloud Advisors; Ash Austin, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Client
  • Unlock the Cloud: A Disruptive Conversation about The Future  @ 2:30pm, Session # CSD-7459  /  The ‘Park’ at Mandalay Bay
    • Host: Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman, Constellation Research @rwang0
    • Bill Clerico, Cloud Solution Architect, IBM Cloud Advisor @bclerico
    • Tim M. Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor, Avoa @tcrawford
    • Giovanni Pacifici, VP Cloud Platform and Services, IBM Research @theothergio
    • Stormy Peters, VP of Technical Evangelism, Cloud Foundry @storming

Wednesday, February 24

Thursday, February 25