InterConnect 2016

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Sunday, February 21

Monday, February 22

Tuesday, February 23

  • Medical Minecraft (Lab) @ 10:00am, Session # TWT-7369 / MGM Grand-Room 302
    • Presenter: Srinivas Cheemalapati, IBM Cloud Advisor
  • Create a Scanning Application for Smartphones that Provides Contextual Information on Consumer Goods @ 12:00pm, Session # CCD-6874  /  EXPO – dev@
    • Presenter: Patrick Sard, IBM Cloud Advisor
  • Transforming for Rapid Innovation: The Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Story (Inner Circle)@ 2:30pm, Session # CLD-6371  /  Oceanside D 2
    • Presenters: Guy Sharon & Alastair Prior, IBM Cloud Advisors; Ash Austin, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, Client
  • Unlock the Cloud: A Disruptive Conversation about The Future  @ 2:30pm, Session # CSD-7459  /  The ‘Park’ at Mandalay Bay
    • Host: Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman, Constellation Research @rwang0
    • Bill Clerico, Cloud Solution Architect, IBM Cloud Advisor @bclerico
    • Tim M. Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor, Avoa @tcrawford
    • Giovanni Pacifici, VP Cloud Platform and Services, IBM Research @theothergio
    • Stormy Peters, VP of Technical Evangelism, Cloud Foundry @storming

Wednesday, February 24

Thursday, February 25

Addressing Climate Change with the Cloud

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Across the world the effects of pollution and climate change are impacting the way people live. From increased traffic to large-scale industrial manufacturing, the tools that have enabled economic growth now create health hazards for the citizens they benefit. Traditionally, combating these harmful elements has required reactive efforts to decrease further pollution by either limiting or quantifying the impact of human actions on air quality. While this has helped the world understand the scope of pollution and its impact on climate change, proactive action has been limited by siloed data compiled based on limited variables and historical patterns. This does not include insights from unstructured data, which makes up 80% of the world’s data. Instead, what if real time analysis of sensors, traffic cameras, weather imaging, and even satellite photography was used to cognitively understand pollution and help users make better decisions?

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Mapping the Ultimate Hybrid Cloud

February 2, 2016 § 3 Comments

Too often, the journey to the cloud is viewed as a purely technical challenge. The reality, however, proves to be different. Cloud technology capabilities must match the organization’s knowledge and processes to be able to leverage them to their full potential, and vice versa. Especially the areas of compliance, security, and management and control present a much broader challenge than just choosing and rolling out a technology solution. Also, a move to the cloud is never the goal in itself: always start with defining what your business drivers are to pinpoint what it is that you want to achieve. Everyone wants to do things cheaper and faster, but exactly how much and to what extent is this to be achieved without compromising quality?

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