IBM Watson unveils the largest and most diverse platform for cognitive computing in San Francisco

September 25, 2015 § Leave a comment


At this week’s event, IBM Watson unveiled the largest and most diverse platform for cognitive computing in San Francisco. I have included some of the highlights below for your review.    

Largest Platform of Cognitive Computing Technologies

In 20 months, the Watson platform has evolved from one API and a limited set of application-specific deep Q&A capabilities to 28 APIs powered by more than 50 technologies. 

New Office in San Francisco

The new San Francisco location, on 505 Howard Street, opens in 2016 and expands our presence in the Golden State. It features:

  • IBM Watson Experience Center – an interactive lab for clients, partners and start-ups
  • New headquarters for IBM’s Commerce business, including the Commerce ThinkLab where Watson researchers, developers and designers work with partners like Facebook to help design highly personalized and timely experiences
  • IBM Spark Technology Center – hub for data science community to collaborate with designers to help accelerate the usability of the open source computing framework and development of smart business apps
  • IBM Design Studio – teams of designers, engineers and coders design next generation of IBM products
  • IBM Global Business Services – teams focused on design and development for MobileFirst for iOS enterprise apps working in partnership with Apple
  • New headquarters for IBM’s Cloud Ecosystem – focused on fostering collaboration with entrepreneurs, business partners, developers, start-ups and academics to fuel a new ecosystem of cloud apps
New and Expanded Capabilities on the Watson Developer Cloud

Language + Speech: Dramatic advances in services that enable people to interact with cognitive applications on their terms through natural language and speech.

  • IBM Watson Natural Language Classifier enables developers to build products and applications that understand intent and meaning, finding answers for users even when questions are asked in varying ways.
  • IBM Watson Dialog makes app interactions more natural by creating conversations tailored to the individual style a person uses to answer a question.
  • IBM Watson Retrieve & Rank improves QA information retrieval using machine learning to detect “signals” in data and help users uncover even the most hard to find information.


  • IBM Watson Visual Insights service for the first time allows developers to build apps that reveal insights from social media images and video. Available initially as an experimental service, this API applies reasoning to the content of images to deliver deeper insights, assess trends and patterns, and get a more comprehensive view of what users are communicating to get the ‘big picture.’
  • Developer Tools bring customization and learning capabilities to APIs and significantly speeds the time and expertise required to write Watson code.
Developers Join the Cognitive Movement

As the platform and developer community expands, so too have the commercial implications.  More than 350 start-ups and businesses in the Watson Ecosystem program are now building off the platform to create new apps, businesses and services. More than 77,000 developers globally are piloting, testing and deploying new business ideas.

IBM Watson Ecosystem Partners in Market

We have reached a new milestone as 100 Watson partners have now introduced cognitive enabled apps, products and services into the market. 

The app economy is in full swing and projected to grow to $143 billion in 2016 with applications catering to every conceivable interest and industry. IDC predicts that by 2018, half of all consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing on a regular basis.

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