Connected Health, Fitness, and Safety Platforms

September 18, 2015 § 1 Comment

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Over the past several months, IBM has made several exciting announcements related to the formation of Watson Health. I recently had the opportunity to attend events in Boston and New York City focused on Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Cognitive Computing in the era of Big Data and Cloud Computing. It’s interesting to think about the potential The Internet of Everything presents to IBM, Customers, Partners, and most importantly (You) living in the ever-increasingly connected world. The future of how we enable, engage, and evolve as individuals at the gym, home, work, schools, stores, walk-in clinics, and hospitals are virtually unlimited. In the last couple of weeks, I have been performing due diligence on several companies specifically related to their activities in the emerging IoT/IoE and Cloud categories. It’s extremely interesting to look at how all of these companies are moving and investing aggressively to acquire and obtain a closer relationship with consumers. In most instances, this has been in the form of applications, either acquired or in development. The industries include sports clothing and accessories, multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, specialized healthcare and life science distribution, and retail including pharmacy and walk-in clinics.

One of the most fascinating companies currently has 120 million users. These users logged 100 million unique workout entries in January of 2015 alone, making it poised to transform the consumer, athlete, and digital team sport categories globally. Even more interesting, the company is still in the early stages of implementing sensor based technologies into their product portfolio. Looking into the future, it’s safe to say these numbers will only get bigger as more global consumers, athletes, teams, conferences, and athletic associations engage the company for personalized services for performance, safety, and consumerism endeavors.

From consumer enabled to patient enabled we see the same trends emerging in the healthcare, medical device, pharmaceutical, and insurance industries. Several of these companies are pioneering new forms of real-time patient engagement services. Moving forward, we are going to see more and more offerings focused on aging in place as one-third of American households are home to one or more residents 60 years of age or older. During the due diligence process, I come across several inventive companies. Sid Lee is a creative services firm helping clients by transforming the consumer experience. I have included several of their UI/UX images as they illustrate a view into the potential for the Connected Office, Home, Health, Fitness, and Safety platforms of the immediate future.
Sid Lee_5

Sid Lee_2

Sid Lee_3
IBM is poised to enable all of these platforms and more with our IaaS, PaaS, Watson Cognitive Computing, Consulting, and Services globally. I look forward to exploring these topics further in future blog posts. RH

§ One Response to Connected Health, Fitness, and Safety Platforms

  • Sumit says:

    Hi Russ,

    Your post makes an excellent point about the possibilities that a connected world offers from fitness tracking to patient engagement. The key will be harvesting data from multiple different devices and aggregating it to develop actionable insights.

    I also like the Sid Lee example, readers can be see the dashboard in real time here:


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