IBM Watson Health: Enabling a New Generation of Insights

September 16, 2015 § Leave a comment


IBM Watson Health is enabling a new generation of insights in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries. I recently had the opportunity to attend several meetings that focused on a variety of topics ranging from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Internet of Things (IoT), Real World Data (RWD), Real World Evidence (RWE), and Life Science Compliance (GxP). The exciting news is our team could speak to each of these topics in great detail based on the comprehensiveness of the IBM portfolio. With the launch of IBM Watson Health earlier this year and the continuing evolution of Watson cognitive computing and strategic acquisitions we are enabling clients to have a more complete picture of their business, so everyone can make better, faster, and more cost effective decisions.

The portfolio is continuously evolving providing customers with an extensive list of solutions for the life sciences, healthcare, medical device, insurance, and academic medical research industries. As illustrated below, these solutions provide a tremendous range of options for driving insights and outcomes.

  • IBM Watson for Oncology and Clinical Trial Matching
  • IBM Watson Engagement Advisor for Personalized Evidence-based Insights
  • IBM Watson Analytics with Explorys for Creating Predictive Models to Transform Healthcare
  • IBM Watson Care Manager plus+ Research Kit for Optimizing the Workflow of the Care Team
  • IBM Watson Care Manager plus+ Health Kit enabling Individuals to follow through on Personalized Care Plans
  • IBM Watson Discovery Advisor for Life Sciences
  • IBM Watson Cloud for Life Science Compliance

Last week, we announced the launch of the IBM Watson Cloud for Life Science Compliance. The offering is designed to accelerate the deployment of compliant solutions by providing dedicated and qualified cloud infrastructure and utilizing validated cloud operational tools and a robust quality management system. Unlike many of our competitors, IBMs Life Science Cloud offering is:

  • Designed to help Life Science organizations manage complex regulatory compliance
  • A solution to accelerate the deployment of GxP regulated applications
  • Supported by deep Life Science industry experience managing compliance for clients
  • Transparent; processes and procedures, and qualification and validation deliverables are available to our clients

It’s exciting times at IBM for Healthcare and Life Sciences!

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