Ramp up on Bluemix

August 20, 2015 § Leave a comment

I recently attended a Bluemix developer training session at Galvanize in San Francisco. I started my career 28 years ago as a software developer but I haven’t written code in more than 20 years and the languages I used were COBOL, Pascal, and then C and Smalltalk so I had a ways to go. When explaining the coding I was going to do with my golf buddy, he equated it to his travels to South America where he understands enough Spanish to get by but not enough to carry on an intelligent conversation, and that about sums up my current coding experience – understanding enough to see what’s happening when looking at code but not enough to develop code on my own.

The intent of the Galvanize training was to give a sense of what developers would experience today and it definitely hit the mark. During the class we learned and used Agile concepts including pair programming. Prior to the training I was aware of pair programming but hadn’t seen it work to its fullest; the activities we undertook in the training helped to highlight the advantages. I had dug into Bluemix some but not to the level covered during the training and it gave me a much more complete appreciation for what we’re providing to developers. I understood the benefits such as integrated DevOps before the training, but the activities gave a much clearer view of the ease and speed to compose applications leveraging existing services and fairly minor configuration updates. I got to see firsthand a number of Bluemix services, including a few from Watson, and saw how easy it is to create interesting applications.

I had a great experience at the training (and San Francisco is a fun city), but the best aspect for me was the great networking opportunity by being face-to-face with other Cloud Advisors and Bluemix Garage developers. The intent wasn’t to turn us into hard-core developers in a week (and I’m certainly not at that level), but it met its target of providing a much deeper view of Bluemix and a developer’s view of it. The Galvanize training is part of the Cloud Advisor curriculum but even if you’re not a Cloud Advisor I think it’s a great opportunity to learn more about Bluemix and its impact on developers.

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