Real IoT examples

July 6, 2015 § 2 Comments

If you’re like me you’ve heard lots about Internet of Things (IoT) but maybe you haven’t seen it in action. I’ve had 2 recent clients implementing IoT and to me they’re just starting to scratch the surface. One is a garage door opener company that has introduced IoT into their door openers to allow users to check that their door is closed through a mobile device. They’re using this same technology to allow gated communities to leverage mobile devices to open the gates and keep them secure at the same time. And they’re looking to do even more.

A second client is focused on telemetrics, that is capturing data from remote devices and sending it for central processing. They’ve been using this to track locations of assets such as trucks or containers, and they’re looking to extend even further. The technology and process are widely applicable, which is why they’re currently focused on scale and security of the architecture to ensure it can support 1M devices.

With how things are interconnected today and getting more so everyday, I’m sure we’ll start seeing many more examples of IoT in action regularly.



§ 2 Responses to Real IoT examples

  • russellhargraves says:

    We are beginning to see innovative (IoT) services in healthcare. Specifically, we are seeing medical device manufacturers incorporate sensors to create more personalized products to enhance patient experience and outcomes. Continuous Glucose Monitoring is currently one area that is providing small disposable sensors inserted into the skin that wirelessly transmits results to patients. This is proving an entirely new level of insight improving patient quality of life.


  • […] Randy mentions in his Real IoT examples post (here), things are getting more interconnected day by day and it’s very likely we will start to see […]


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