SAP and the Cloud

June 25, 2015 § Leave a comment

I spent the day in Ann Arbor, Michigan with about 20 clients.  The topic of the day was SAP and the Cloud and we had a lot of interesting discussions around “why IBM”.

After our discussions and deep dives, you could start to see the lightbulb coming on as to why SAP and IBM are partnering together for the HEC (Hana Enterprise Cloud) in the room.  In the end, whether it is Hana, or traditional SAP workloads, having a high performance network backbone (non-metered), the ability to do bare metal cloud, and having the experience IBM brings makes the story come together.

Another interesting observation I had was around how to get started.  We had some folks that started with moving isolated workloads in SAP to Cloud with some good success and some folks looking at a more big-bang approach.  In the end, I am one who prefers the crawl-walk-run approach.


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